Month and a half Vegan. Update on the good and bad. 

I’m going to keep his post as simple and short as possible because honestly it has not been long enough to advocate one way or another.  The Good -Less constipation and less heavy feelings when I do feel constipated.  -I have lost approximately a pound a week despite feeling like I have been over eating…… Continue reading Month and a half Vegan. Update on the good and bad. 

Breaking on the Bruce Pt6

A drop of sweat slid down the back of the leg, rolling over the side of the foot, underneath, and finally being squished between the flip flop and the foot that was now gently pressing downwards on the brake. The driver stuck an arm out the window, reaching for the barely perceptible breeze.

Going Vegan! Nine days in.

It has been nine days since I decided to become vegan. It has been mostly ups, a couple of mistakes, and plenty of hard conversations.
I decided Tuesday, July 11, 2017. I had just finished watching “The best speech ever” and follow up Q and A by Gary Yourofsky, when my little sister came into my room. I turned around on my exercise ball and looked at her. “I think I need to go vegan.” I stated as she sat on the edge of my bed. She looked at me, “Why?”

Diva Cups, Luna pads, and other Thinx

I watch the steam rise from my garden-fresh lemon balm tea. The smell of my grapefruit breakfast fills the room. I sit here staring at these things; beginning to blog about environmentally friendly period options. My attempts to contribute to the health of my body, the planet, and just maybe our culture. The irony hits me hard that I am sitting on a throne, or should I say a pad, of the very controversy I seek to address.

Mississagua River Adventure! 7hours

Overall I really enjoyed this trip. I am glad we did it. We did finish in one day and it took us about seven hours. We did not end up stopping for lunch but had a couple quick stops to swim and eat snacks. The scenery was gorgeous. The weather was perfect: sunny with a light breeze. We did not see anyone in the water except for near the tubing portion. However, if I was to do this river again I think I would try to start halfway down. All that portaging was too much for me.